Ailments: disinfection of fungal infections of clothing, linen etc.
Ingredients - Australian Tea Tree Oil
Directions - 
add 1 teaspoon to half a household bucket of hot water, add washing powder, dip all clothing & linen until thoroughly wet, kills all fungus present. Hang in sun to dry, then put through normal wash.
Comments -
a lesson learned in the Solomon Islands - when treating fungal infections, if you don't also treat clothing & linen, they can harbor the fungus & cause re-infection within a matter of days
Available in: 25 ml round glass bottle.
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A skin problem more prevalent than most people realize is the affliction with the common name of "White Spot", and of all the common tropical diseases is one of the least understood. The misconceptions about this problem are many  and varied, some of the more popular being -

"it's caused by the sun"
"it goes away in winter but returns in the summer"
"I only get it when I come to North Queensland", etc.

Interestingly, all the above misconceptions stem from the one source, that the problem is with them all the time, 365 days a year, but is only visible when the summer sun tans the unaffected area, thus creating a contrast with the infected area, which does not take up the tan. The result is pale patches scattered over the skin, hence the name "white spot". 

It is popularly believed that the treatment for this problem - known medically as Pityriasis versicolor - is to use antifungal lotions to treat the affected areas of the skin. These types of products do help to reduce the unsightly pale patches, and by the end of summer as the tan fades, people get the impression that they have been cured. In fact the problem has not been cured, as the anti-fungal products they had applied to the skin treat only that part of the infection on the skins surface, while deep-seated infection remains untreated. By the time next summer comes along, the fungus causing the problem has re-established itself, and spread to new areas, so when the new season's tan begins, there is the problem again, bigger and brighter than ever.
The Apothecary White Spot Lotion contains Selenium, which is effective in treating the fungus causing the problem, but a most important inclusion in the formula is Salicylic Acid, which is itself an antifungal agent, but is also a keratolytic agent, which means it causes the top layer of skin to peel off after about a week (much like peeling after sunburn), thus allowing the Selenium to get at the fungus underneath, and ensuring that all fungus present is killed.

The Apothecary White Spot Lotion is best applied at night before going to bed, left on overnight, then washed off with the morning shower; no need to re-apply lotion until the next night. If the skin becomes tender at the peeling stage, reduce applications to every second night, but it is important  not to stop treatment. Patience is very important, as it can take up to 6 or even 8 weeks to completely eradicate this very stubborn fungal infection.

It is also important to understand that there is no point in treating the skin for the infection unless all clothing that can harbor the fungus is also disinfected at the same time. Household disinfectants will not do, as while they have excellent anti-bacterial properties, they have virtually no anti-fungal activity. The Apothecary White Spot Clothes Disinfectant will eliminate all infection from clothing, thus eliminating risk of re-infection. However,  it must be stressed that everything that could harbor the fungus must be treated, including all clothes, bed sheets, towels, pillow slips etc. The good news is that clothing and linen only have to be treated once to achieve the desired result.