Ailments:  Tropical Ear , also know as swimmers ear - relieves pain, both prevents and treats infections of the outer ear canal.
Ingredients - Tea Tree Oil  5%, Lignocaine 2%  in Sorbolene lotion
Directions - Prevention - 
apply 2 or 3 drops into the outer ear canal immediatly after leaving the water.
Directions - Treatment -apply 2 or 3 drops in the ear 3 times daily or at first sign of pain or discomfort. If no better in 24 hours see a doctor, as the trouble might be in the middle ear where no drop can reach.
Comments -
the only product of its kind on the market to be available without a doctors prescription. First developed in the Solomon Islands where it proved to be the most effective product to treat the problem known as Tropical ear(also known as swimmers ear), even more effective than any of the prescription products
Available in: 30 ml plastic squeeze bottle.

Visitors from temperate climates should be aware of problems associated with ear infections in the tropics, widely known as Tropical Ear (or Swimmers Ear), referring to infections of the outer ear canal. Such infections may be caused by either bacteria or fungus, but whatever the cause, they can be very painful, and many times have been the cause of a premature end to a long planned holiday. The most common cause of tropical ear infections is from having a drop of water in the outer ear canal, usually from swimming (hence the name Swimmers ear), no matter whether the water is fresh or salt. The outer ear canal is the perfect breeding ground for fungus & bacteria, and all that is needed to trigger the infection is to have a residue of water lodge in the ear canal from swimming or the shower. Just the presence of a single drop of water is sufficient to trigger the infection, so it is important to use a preventative drop to get rid of any water in the ear canal. In some cases the infection has been known to start within half an hour of water lodging in the ear, so prompt action is required to remove that water as quickly as possible.

Tropical Eardrops by the Apothecary does everything required to solve these problems. That why we call it the 3 in 1 product. Ir relieves pain, prevents infections of the outer ear, and  treats any infection that may develop. Pain relief is achieved by the Lignocaine while infection is controlled by the Tea Tree Oil, which is both antiseptic and antifungal.