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QuitNit Plus Shampoo treatment Contains all natural ingredients including Neem oil
QuitNit Plus Spray used twice weekly as easy to use treatment enhancer 
QuitNit Duo Pack One of each to get you started

QuitNit Plus Shampoo treatment

Ailments: - Human headlice treatment.
Ingredients - Neem oil, Australian Tea Tree Oil, Lavender & Rosemary oils
Directions - 
apply to dry hair & scalp, saturate all the hair & scalp, leave in place 20 minutes, rinse out. Repeat in 7 days
Comments -
all natural, combines the knock-down effect of the essential oils with the back-up of Neem oil's antifeedant effect. Bonus - Neem oil is natures best hair conditioner

As an added bonus Neem is an excellent hair conditioner, so QuitNit Neem based headlice products leave the hair shining & healthy, as opposed to harsh chemical treatments which leave the hair split & dry.  

Available in: 100 ml & 200 ml round plastic bottle with witches cap nozzle.
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1. Day 1 - apply QuitNit Shampoo to dry hair (it contains it's own wetting agents) as directed on label. Be sure to massage into all the scalp & that no area is missed, then part the hair into sections & comb right through all the hair.

2. Rinse out after 20 minutes. Inspect scalp but do not be concerned if some lice are still moving, as the Neem will cause them to starve to death within 12 to 18 hours. (Inspect next afternoon to confirm) Remove all eggs.

3. Day 2 - next morning, apply QuitNit spray liberally to the scalp and hair as directed on the label, re-applying twice weekly & any time after hair has been washed. This is to ensure that

a) any hatching from surviving eggs are killed, and

b) any lice that transfer from physical  contact are also killed.

4. Day 7 - re-apply the shampoo on day 7, just to make absolutely certain that no new-born lice survive. This is very important, the shampoo must be re-applied a 2nd time exactly 7 days after the first application.

5. Be sure that after swimming, the QuitNit Spray is "topped up" with application to 2 parts of the head, as swimming dilutes the Neem, not to mention the chemical effect of chlorine.


QuitNit Plus Spray 

Ailments: - Human headlice treatment.
Ingredients - Neem oil, Australian Tea Tree Oil, Lavender & Rosemary oils in a spirit base
Directions - 
spray liberally onto scalp & hair
Comments -
used to enhance QuitNit Plus Shampoo, the shampoo, while totally effective is time consuming to apply, so the spray, being very quick and simple to use in between the shampoo treatments, provides a very convenient treatment enhancer. 

Available in: 50 ml & 100 ml round plastic bottle with pump spray top.
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QuitNit Duo Pack

Duo Pack contains:

1x  200ml QuitNit Shampoo

1 x 50ml QuitNit Spray 

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