Ailments - Heat rash, Prickly Heat rash, tropical heat rash
Ingredients - Salicylic acid 2%, cetrimide, menthol, acetone, spirit
Directions - 
apply to the affected areas 3 or 4 times daily.
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he only way to treat "prickly heat" (tropical heat rash), is the only product on the market in liquid spray form.
Available in: 100 ml round plastic bottle with pump spray cap.
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Prickly heat - or Heat Rash - is a condition experienced during hot humid weather, & is usually characterised by a red rash in the sweat regions of the body. The rash is usually quite tender, & is often accompanied by a burning sensation. When the body starts to overheat, it tries to deal with the problem by producing sweat, but when pores are blocked it is unable to do so, so a conflict is created between the bodies natural defence against over heating & the clogged pores. While the condition in it's early stage is uncomfortable enough, a bigger problem is the danger of fungal infection. When skin is red & raw, it provides the perfect medium for fungus (which is around us all the time) to take hold, so it makes sense to treat the rash early, thus avoiding complications of fungal infections.

To date, the only products available on the market to treat this condition have been powders ("prickly heat powder"). However as the problem is caused by blocked pores, it has never made sense to use a powder to treat it, as powders are either starch or talc based, & therefore tend to block the pores even more.

The Apothecary now makes PRICKLY HEAT LOTION. which is a lotion containing an antifungal, a coolant, & a soothing agent all in a half strength spirit base, presented in a 100 ml pump top spray bottle for easy application. Half strength spirit is used as pure spirit burns when applied to a rash; the antifungal is to kill any fungus present; the coolant provides instant cooling to the skin; & the soothing agent soothes tender skin.