Ailments: Mite Itch, Scabies.
Ingredients - Benzyl Benzoate 25%, Resorcinol
Directions - 
apply to the red lumps & rub well in with fingertips until all lotion has been absorbed into the skin.
Comments -
kills the mite that causes the problem, relieves the itch instantaneously.
Available in: 50 ml & 100 ml round plastic bottles.
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A charming little surprise waiting for the unwary in the tropics is the scrub mite. Carried by the wallaby and the scrub turkey, he is brushed off onto grass or scrub, where he waits for the next passer-by, to attach himself to exposed areas of the body such as arms or legs. Then, rather than just bite and have done with it, this little charmer spends the next 12 to 24 hours migrating over the skin to the nearest sweat region of the body (he's so small that you can't feel him or even see him). Around the waist, under elastic such as underpants etc., under the armpits or worst of all, in the groin, are his favorite spots, where he takes up residence by burrowing into the skin. From then on, he causes the most intense itching that can last for weeks, and literally drive the victim mad. An unusual feature of Mite Itch (which is a close cousin of the Scabies mite) is that it keeps bobbing up in new spots over several days - this is caused by the mite coming out of his burrow and migrating to a new spot (usually at night while the victim is asleep) and burrowing into the skin again - meanwhile the old spot still itches because he has left behind his body excreta in the old crater.
The conventional treatment for itches just does not work for this bloke, local anaesthetic creams or lotions won't touch him nor do antihistamines help. The only way to get rid of him is with The Apothecary Mite Itch Lotion.
A Mite Itch infestation is a most memorable experience, and is recognised by the bright scarlet lumps caused by the bug. In order to get relief, Mite Itch Lotion should be applied to each red lump, then rubbed in vigorously with the finger tips. This is important, as the lotion will actually kill the mite, but has to be rubbed in vigorously enough that it penetrates down deeply enough to reach him and kill him. The itching is relieved immediately, and although it may take up to a week for the red lump to go, because it is no longer itchy, it no longer presents a problem. Constantly recurring attacks of Mite Itch can be avoided by a) staying away from the infested area, or b) if you must go there (to clear your block of land etc), apply  an Insect Repellant to exposed areas, to repel the mite.

Some people feel a burning sensation when Mite Itch Lotion is applied, which is much preferable to the itching, but which very occasionally can become hard to handle - especially if the scrub mite has taken up residence in a particularly sensitive part of the groin. Normally the burning sensation goes away after about 5 to 10 minutes, but if it becomes unbearable, the lotion may be rinsed off with cold water, then diluted with an equal quantity of water, and re-applied.

Mite Itch Lotion is so specific for this ailment that if it has been applied correctly and no relief obtained - then it is not Mite Itch that is causing the problem, and advice should be sought to determine what else it can be that is causing the problem.