Ailments: to relieve itching from minor insect bites, non scheduled so available from all outlets. For severe itching refer Itch-eze or Itch-eze Plus creams.
Ingredients -
Phenol 0.5%, Menthol & Camphor 0.25% in Sorbolene cream
Directions -
Apply to affected areas when necessary
Comments -
to treat minor itches such as insect bites where no serious reaction has occurred. Non-scheduled so available from all outlets
Available in: 25 g glass screw top jar.
See Also: Itch-Eze , Itch Plus

to treat minor to moderate itching from insect bites and other sources of skin irritation. Because it contains no Lignocaine, is freely available without restrictions. Compare Itch-eze & Itch-eze Plus creams, both of which contain Lignocaine 5%, which while much stronger local anaesthetics, are restricted for sale by pharmacies or stores licensed to sell poisons, as they are classified as S2 poisons under the Poisons Schedules.