The Apothecary range of products arose as a result of the observation that modern day treatments & medicines have lost sight of the fact that many good old fashioned remedies are as effective today as they ever were. Sixty years ago people would walk into a "Chemist Shop", ask for medicine to treat their ailment, & the chemist would then make something up out the back. It probably didn't taste too good, but as it usually worked, the bad taste was regarded as part of the process - there was even a school of thought that the worse it tasted, the better it must be. Similarly, if the ailment involved a trip to the doctor, the doctor would write out a prescription which listed all the ingredients required, which the chemist would then make up. Such a prescription was known as an extemporaneous prescription (usually abbreviated to "extemp"), but today most doctors have forgotten how to write an extemp script (in fact the younger ones have never been taught how to), & even if they did know how to write one, most modern pharmacies don't stock the ingredients to make them up anyway.

While today's doctors & pharmacists may have lost touch with extemporising medicine, it is an interesting fact that a majority of pharmacy customers today still feel that many of the old-fashioned medicines are as good as if not better than many modern medicines.

the late Peter Hull a pharmacist who qualified in Melbourne in 1963. He was the son of a pharmacist, and has all his life has been interested in the historical background to his chosen profession. With a huge collection of antiques including prescription books & reference books dating back to the 1800's, Peter was able to draw on an enormous wealth of knowledge & information whenever he felt the need to do so. Having spent years working in pharmacy in Melbourne until 1977, Peter then headed for Queensland, where he worked as "The Flying Chemist" all around the state until February 1981. He then flew to Honiara in the Solomon Islands, where he bought & ran The Pharmacy until 1985. He then returned to Queensland, & bought Boathaven Pharmacy at Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays.

It was quickly evident that the needs of the North Q'land market were not being met by the big pharmaceutical manufacturers, so Peter set out to make his own products specifically designed to suit North Q'land. He registered the name "The Apothecary", & changed the name of the shop to The Apothecary Shoppe.

Public interest & acceptance was phenomenal. Customers visiting the region who bought & used Peter's products began writing & phoning from all over the world wanting to obtain repeat supplies by mail order. What began as a sideline to a retail pharmacy business in 1985 has now taken over & is established as a manufacturer & wholesaler to pharmacies throughout Queensland. What began as a couple of products for local consumption has blossomed into at one stage over 100 products. Because of the demands on his time, Peter has had to rationalise the range, so today's range contains about 40 products.